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We at REVOLUTIONARY SCIENCE are an American manufacture of life science laboratory equipment and instrumentation. Although our product line fulfills all basic microbiology, biotech and sterilization applications, each product exhibits revolutionary design elements that are outside of the current paradigm.
In 1999, Revolutionary Science was founded after the birth of the company’s first microcentrifuge. Years later, Revolutionary Science offers a variety of products for your life science and sterilization needs.
Revolutionary Science is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company based in Minnesota and dedicated to the manufacturing of precision life science and sterilization equipment.

Industries we serve: Laboratory, Biotechnology, Food Microbiology, Sterilization, Research, Education

Manufacturer of precision laboratory equipment: Centrifuges, Water Baths, Colony Counters, Incubators, Cell Counters, Autoclaves, Power Supplies

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