Chilling Incubators

Chilling Incubators / Refrigerated Incubators
If you’re looking for a chilling incubator, check out Revolutionary Science! Our products are useful for both common and abstract applications. Revolutionary Science has been one of the longest standing manufactures peltier based chilling incubators and refrigerated incubators in the industry, since 2005. Incufridges are useful for both common and abstract applications, such as DNA storage at 4 degrees Celsius, C. elegans at 16 degrees, BOD water testing at 22 degrees, bacterial reactions and bacterial CRISPR at 37 or 42 degrees, spore testing at 55 to 60 degrees. The Incufridge chilling incubators and refrigerated incubators are available in four models, ranging in size and sophistication, including color touch screens, temperature programming, clear interior doors, built-built in data logging and Wi-Fi connectivity. All Incufridge models are polystyrene foam jacketed and constructed with stainless steel chambers and rugged powder coated steel enclosures. All Incufridges are solid state, peltier controlled and therefore use no refrigerant!  The Incufridge has been featured in the biotech laboratory on CBS’s popular TV show, ZOO.

Area of Focus Applications
Microbiology Milk testing (psychotrophic bacteria) Oocytes
Food/Beverage C. elegans DNA storage
Bacteriology Yeast and mold Pharmaceutical storage
Pharmaceutical QC samples/biological indicators Agar media storage
Hybridizations Prospore ampoules
Water and wastewater testing Bacteria
BOD testing Epoxy resin testing
Cell culturing Food and beverage samples
Hybridizations Denaturing proteins
E. coli

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