Colony Counter

The IncuCount is an automated colony counter. Revolutionary Science has been a long standing manufacturer of automatic colony counter technology since 2009. Applications for the IncuCount are bacterial growth, recombinant DNA vectors that produce blue white screening, gram staining listeria, bacterial CRISPR and e. Coli, salmonella and listeria detection. It will count spiral plates and is an excellent choice for food safety microbiologists. The IncuCount automated colony counter has the ability to differentiate colonies based on color and even measure the inhibition zones of antibiotic reactions. The IncuCount is available in two models, the Basic and the Pro with varying sophistication. The IncuCount has been featured in the biotech laboratory on CBS’s popular TV show, ZOO and has also been written about in the International Business Times and Yahoo! News.

Area of Focus Applications
Microbiology Counting bacterial colonies Bascillus
Food/Beverage Ames test CRISPR for bacteria
Bacteriology Antibiotic susceptibility LB Agar transformation
Pharmaceutical Bioburden test Bacterial transformation
Environmental & Water Environmental monitoring Microfiltration
Microbial Limits test Microorganism Growth Rate
Preservative Efficacy test Counting CFU’s
Single Radial Immunodiffusion Mammalian cell colonies
Cancer research Water plate count (Drinking Water)
Plaque Counts (Transduction) Raw water Analysis
Yeast Complementation Assay Juice Yeast and Mold Count
Microbial overlap analysis Lab Proficiency Testing
Carbonated drinks microbial growth analysis StemCell (Haematopoeitic) Count
Mouse Lymphoma Count Particle Counting

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