Revolutionary Science has been manufacturing low-cost, high powered micro centrifuges since 1999. The RevSpin micro centrifuges are an excellent choice for DNA extraction or protein purification, do to their high RPM and g-force capabilities and competitive price. Sample content separation is achieved quickly. The RevSpin 102 is a low cost 2 speed unit with a 10,000 RPM maximum speed. The digital versatile RevSpin 200 reaches a higher RPM of 11,000, but will also go slow enough to spin down eukaryote cells without rupturing the cell membranes. The RevSpin is an excellent choice for anyone performing biotech and microbiology applications. The RevSpin 102 was featured in the forensics crime lab on the popular TV Show, CSI Miami.

Area of Focus Applications
Molecular Biology Cell pelleting
Forensics Quick spin-downs
Biotechnology Microfiltration
General lab use HPLC protocols
PCR sample prep
DNA extractions
Protein purification
Stem cell extraction from blood
Urine microscopic analysis

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