Incufridge RS-IF-273pro

Incufridge Professional (73L)

The Incufridge 273pro is Wi-Fi enabled which allows for critical data to be logged and securely stored in the cloud. (no additonal software needed) In addition this allows for controlling and monitoring of the Incufridge remotely, with alert notifications.


Made in USA


Area of Focus


Yeast and mold
Milk testing
QC samples/biological indicators
Water/wastewater testing
BOD testing
Cell culturing


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Product Specifications

Chamber Capacity: 2.6 cu.ft. (73L)

Interior Dimensions: 12in x 16.5in x 22.5in (Width x Depth x Height)

Exterior Dimensions:  15in x 23in x 27.5in (Width x Depth x Height)

Power: 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz, 420 W

Precision: ±0.7°C, uniformity ±1.0°C*

Temperature Range: 4°C to 75°C*






Product Features

The Incufridge 273pro has an easy to use color touch screen, which can be custom programmed to specific time & temperature protocols

It cools, heats, or provides ambient environment

It has a vibration free cooling system

It may be used to store or transport samples while working in the field

The settings are stored in case of power failure
2 removable metal shelves included
clear inner see-through door
door lock for valuable samples
two year warranty