Revolutionary Science

REVOLUTIONARY SCIENCE is an American manufacturer of biotech, microbiology and sterilization equipment

IncubatorsMicro CentrifugesColony CountersWater BathsCell Counters

Cell Culturing – Grow and check viability of eukaryotic cells

Bacteria Growth – Grow bacterial colonies and bacterial reactions

Bacterial Transformation – Transform bacterial DNA through methods using heat shock and recombination

Cell Viability – Grow and check viability of mammalian cells

Antibiotic Testing – Monitor antibiotic resistance of bacteria

Gram Staining – Recognize the presence of bacteria through incubation

ElectrophoresisThermal CylersIncubatorsMicro CentrifugesColony CountersWater BathsCell Counters

DNA Extraction – Isolate and extract DNA from crude samples for analysis

Protein Purification – Purify proteins from crude samples for analysis

Amplification (PCR) – Amplify DNA fragments 

DNA ElectrophoresisAnalyze and compare DNA based on size and charge

Protein Electrophoresis – Analyze and compare proteins based on size and charge

Absorbance and Enzymatic Reactions – Read protein concentration and enzymatic reactions

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